The Never Lose Your Drive Foundation (NLYDF), was founded in 2016 by Baradian-born Jazz Musician Elan Trotman. NLYDF directly funds Headstart Music – a weekly instrumental program in Barbados that provides FREE instruments and instruction to students ages 8-11.

During the school year, primary school students are tutored every Saturday at Harrison College Secondary School on percussion, flute, saxophone, trumpet and clarinet.

All donations finance tutor salaries, supplies, instrument maintenance and insurance.

“I was blessed to receive a full scholarship from the Barbados Ministry of Education which allowed me the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the Berklee College of Music. After spending over 10 years on the faculty of the Boston Public Schools, I discovered a love for sharing music with young minds. Our mission is to give students a cost free introduction to instruments, and to introduce them to the art of expression through music, in hopes that they can one day contribute to the music industry locally and globally.” ELAN TROTMAN