THE HEADSTART MUSIC PROGRAM is open to any primary school child in Barbados ranging from ages 8-11. Students must have a means of transportation to and from lessons.

Simply click on the button below and complete the registration form. Someone from our team will get back to you within 48hrs to review your child’s application.

Every Saturday during the school term. Small group lessons are scheduled between 12pm and 2pm in 45 minute spots.

Harrison College Music Building, Bridgetown, Barbados

There is no rental fee or lesson fee, however we ask that parents make a small contribution of $75.00 BBD as an annual registration fee.

Instruments are based on availability. We will do our best to get your child into the program once your application is reviewed. Each student is allowed a maximum of 2 absences per term to avoid removal from the program.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that students practice on a weekly basis. End of Term evaluations will determine if students progress is meeting program standards. All students are expected to arrive on time, follow tutors instructions, and treat fellow students with respect and kindness.

ELEANOR MORGAN |233-1091 |eliemay60@gmail.com
YONETTE CUMBERBATCH |234-4755 |yon.cumberbatch@gmail.com